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The Society's emblem, chosen in 1973, on the 50th anniversary of the Society, is the King Stag Beetle, Phalacrognathus muelleri (Macleay), Family Lucanidae (Coleoptera). Its magnificent purple and green colouration makes it one of the most attractive beetle species in Australia. It is restricted to the rainforests of northern Queensland.


The Entomological Society of Queensland, since its inception in 1923, has promoted the development of pure and applied entomological research in Australia, particularly in Queensland. The Society promotes interaction and communication among entomologists through regular meetings with guest seminar speakers, a monthly News Bulletin, annual collecting trips and the publication of a quarterly journal, The Australian Entomologist. Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in Entomology.journal covers


Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month in the ground floor seminar rooms at Ecosciences Precinct in Dutton Park, Brisbane. In the past, our guest speakers have presented on a variety of topics including hover fly systematics, hive beetle control, history of museum collections, plant volatiles and parasitoid interactions, honeybee navigation and robotics, insect evolutionary genomics, butterflies of Africa, eucalyptus borers and mosquito control.

However, due to the current COVID-19 health issues, we are now holding our meetings 'virtually' as well as live. Members will receive a meeting link via the news bulletin and an email so that we can all view the meeting online. There are limits to the number of people that can attend in person. Please contact the secretary if you wish to attend in person.

The next meeting: Biennial Perkins Lecture 12 October 2021 at 1pm

Our Perkins Lecturer will be Emeritus Professor Myron Zalucki from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland. He will present:

"Challenges for insect conservation and pest management: have we asked the right questions?"

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2022 ESQ Calendar Order Form. Order a copy of our fantastic calendar with amazing photos of Queensland insects and arachnids!Order form.

Biennial Perkins Lecture and Dinner coming up on 12 October - see News Bulletin for details.

2021 Small Grant winner
This year's winner is Ethan Briggs, a PhD student from the University of Queensland. Ethan is currently revising the feather-legged tarantulas in the genus Selenotypus (Theraphosidae). Ethan is using morphological and molecular data to determine if the monotypic genus actually represents multiple undescribed species. Congratulations, Ethan!

2021 Student Award Winner
This year's student award winner is Elodie Tanner, a 2020 Honours Student from the University of Queensland, for her thesis: The effect of herbivory on Diamondback moth host plant selection and its implications for trap cropping. Well done, Elodie!

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"Bugs & Beads" has a whole range of insect/arachnid handcrafted items for you! From fridge magnets, cufflinks, embroidered necklaces to stunning 14/20K gold-filled earrings, and more. 10% of every sale is donated to ESQ to support entomological projects. Check out: Bugs and Beads!

Beetles of Brisbane now available! Beetles of Brisbane is a newly beetle brochurepublished photo-guide to the city's common species.The 16-panel glossy brochure includes around 100 beetle images and covers 29 families. Beetles of Brisbane serves as a handy reference for anyone interested in trying to zero in on the family or even the species of beetle they have found or photographed. It includes an introduction to the Coleoptera, brief family descriptions (including tarsal formulae and estimated species number Australia wide) as well as the individual images with species name, length and some additional points of interest. Its production was supported in part by the 2019 ESQ Small Grant to Colleen Foelz (edenINK editing). The brochure is currently available for purchase at $8 (plus postage) Order form.

Reminder! Membership renewals for 2021 were due January 1st. Renewal forms are available here. (Or quick links on the bottom of the page). Please let the secretary know if you have recently changed your postal or email contact details.


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Our next meeting: October 12, 2021

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