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The Society's emblem, chosen in 1973, on the 50th anniversary of the Society, is the King Stag Beetle, Phalacrognathus muelleri (Macleay), Family Lucanidae (Coleoptera). Its magnificent purple and green colouration makes it one of the most attractive beetle species in Australia. It is restricted to the rainforests of northern Queensland.
ESQ Centennial Symposium

centenary logoOne hundred years strong: a celebration of Queensland entomology

As part of the ESQ's Centennial celebrations, we are holding a full-day Symposium at the Queensland Museum (South Bank) on Tuesday, 9 May, 2023.

Want to present a talk on the day?

We have two options to present on the day:

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance by a committee.

All accepted speakers must purchase tickets to attend in-person on the day.

This event is not being held virtually.

*Abstract submissions are due 24 February 2023*

Templates for abstracts are here.

Email your submission as a Word document to : Mark Schutze

Submitters will be notified by or immediately after the 2023 AGM on 14 March 2023 as whether their submission has been accepted for presentation at the Symposium.

Accepted speakers (both standard and rapid-fire) are required to:

1) Provide a final power point copy of their presentation to Mark Schutze by no later than Thursday 4 May 2023.

2) Submit a manuscript of their presentation to the Australian Entomologist by 9 May 2023 (i.e., the day of the Symposium)

a. manuscripts will be peer reviewed for publication in a Special Issue dedicated to the Symposium (scheduled for October 2023, to be confirmed).

b. manuscripts submissions must adhere to the journal's guidelines available here.

Note: there are no page charges for Symposium "Special Issue" papers.

Length of submitted manuscripts:

- Standard: Abstract plus ~2750 words and 2+ images

- Rapid-fire: Abstract plus a ~750 words note and 2 images